Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Developmental Junior Team?

The Junior team is for the younger Aqua Addicts developing their skiing and show skiing skills with the goal of progressing to the main show.


Why does a parent need to be present at practices/shows?

There are many kids on our Junior development team and the coaches’ job is to get kids/acts on the water and keep things moving.  They do not have the ability to watch your child while doing their job.  Because they are around water, we want to make sure that someone is responsible for them. Parents are needed to assure their children show responsible behavior around the docks and boats.   Mostly, we believe water skiing is a family sport and we hope that this will help get the parents involved with the team as well.


What do I need to know as a parent attending practices or shows?

You can help out by encouraging your child and making sure they are helping.  If you are willing to help out, please let us know and we will utilize you where we can.


Can my kids car pool with others on the team?

Yes.  As long as there is a parent there who is responsible for watching your child, you need not be present, but please let the coaches know so they are aware.


What should I do at practices/shows?

At practices keep an eye on your child and make sure they are partaking in practice; kids who sit on shore often get overlooked.  At shows, there are many behind-the-scenes tasks that you can assist with (boat riders, dock crew, costumes, rope handling, getting kids ready, etc.)


What can I do to help out on the team?

We are always looking for help with fundraisers, getting ads for our program, distributing our posters, and any of the behind-the-scenes jobs listed above. Please speak with the Junior Team Coach for more specifics.  


When are practices?

The Junior Team practices on Wednesday evenings (6:00-dark)


When are Shows?

The shows are Thursday at 7pm, but setup time begins at 6:00. We will hold a short meeting to review the show as it may change a bit from week to week.


What skills does my child have to have?

Your child does not need to know how to water ski.  We teach many kids each year.  The only requirement we have is that they are able to function in a team environment and be willing to learn new skills and willing help out where needed.


When will my child be in the shows?

This is based 100% on ability and participation.   For safety reasons, you will need to be proficient in an act prior to ever skiing in a show.  We firmly believe that your child will get out of the team what they put into it.


Other than being responsible for my child(ren) – what other expectations are there for parents? 

Because our Junior members are our youngest and smallest assets, they are unable to help with a lot of the work involved in putting on a ski show and practices.  Therefore, we look to their parents to help with some of the tasks that are required to put on our shows and practices. 


What expectations do you have the Junior team members?

We expect that the children are there to have fun, learn new skiils and participate, not to goof around or play in the water.