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From Ancient Egypt to South Dakota lakes, pyramids are always an amazing sight. The Aqua Addicts were building pyramids on regular combo sets until ’95 when they got their first sets of double-wides. Double-wides were a Godsend! Since that fateful day the Aberdeen Aqua Addicts have put up three tier pyramids pre-built pyramids, and even an inverted pyramid or two. In 1998 the Aberdeen Aqua Addicts put up their first successful four tier pyramid. The Aqua Addicts currently perform two four tier pyramids.

Not on MY boat! 

The shows that the Aqua Addicts put on for the public would not be possible without the boat drivers. We would like to thank them for all their hard work, and then tease them a little, ha ha! Our boat drivers are nice guys at the beginning of the day but they have been known >to say “Not on MY boat” or “Not as long as I’M driving,” and often with good cause considering the level of insanity some of our skiers possess. We would like to thank them for putting up with us and driving the boat.

The Aqua addicts picked up their first hydrodyne Feb., 1998 at Think Tank. It was a treat for the team to have a boat with some More power! In the Spring of 1999 the Aqua Addicts picked up its first inboard. The Addicts enjoyed their new toy “The Malibu”. Since then the Aqua Addicts have also acquired a Moomba to enhance their shows.

2006 brought a new first for the Aqua Addicts; and perhaps show skiing in general.  The Aberdeen Ethanol plant converted the team’s first Malibu to an E85 powered craft.  The E85 Malibu has become the fastest boat in the Aqua Addict fleet!