Show skiing has been called the most entertaining discipline in the sport of water skiing. It is fast-moving, exciting, graceful, and most of all, fun to watch. Water ski shows feature several water ski acts choreographed to music and built around a theme that tells a story.  Shows involve amateur performers with usually 30 or more members.  Some shows even have more than 200 members!  Age is not a factor since ski club performers can range from children to grandparents.

The Show incorporates numerous types of water skiing, however they generally focus on five major areas which include:

1.Team Jumping – For spectators, this is the most thrilling event. Usually three to five skiers will perform spins and flips over the 5 1/2-foot ski jump. Distances can exceed 100 feet and frequently spectacular falls occur during this act. Fortunately, the skiers wear protective clothing and know how to handle the falls safely.

2.Ballet and Swivel – Generally performed by young women, this act features a line of skiers choreographed to music. Some skiers may be using swivel bindings which allows them to make 180-degree turns or 360-degree spins.

3.Barefooting – Just as the name implies, this act involves skiers skimming across the surface of the water on nothing but the bare soles of their feet. Boat speeds are usually in excess of 35 mph. Watch for multi-skier barefoot lines and barefoot pyramids.

4.Doubles – Features a man and woman team performing various lifts (similar to ice skating) while being pulled by the boat. The male skier either holds onto a handle or is pulled along by a harness, thus freeing his arms to perform the overhead lifts.

5.Pyramid – Is the ultimate in team work. Using hundreds of feet of rope, skiers actually build a human pyramid on water. Look for pyramids up to five levels high where the top skier often is 25 feet above the water — a spectacular display of teamwork.