Dahme Lake Rules

All members and non-members alike must abide by these rules.

  1. No Alcohol on the Premises
  2. No Smoking allowed
  3. No Skiing unless you are a USA Water Ski active member
  4. No unsupervised swimming under the age of 12
  5. No swimming past the buoys if a boat is in the water
  6. Only USA Water ski active members are allowed on the docks, in the boats, and in the water
  7. No glass on the premises
  8. No littering – use the garbage cans!
  9. No skiing before sun up or after sun down
  10. No unauthorized use of equipment
  11. Unscheduled site use must be approved by a board member or show director
  12. No Fishing
  13. Any theft of equipment will be reported to local authorities and will be prosecuted