Aberdeen Aqua Addicts Membership and Club Dues Information

The Aberdeen Aqua Addicts Waterski Team is always looking for new members.   We welcome people of all ages and abilities.  A common misconception is that you need to know how to waterski to join the team.  Quite the contrary.  Our mission is to promote and teach the sport of waterskiing so we would be more than happy to help you learn everything you need to know.  Our team is built around creating a safe and fun, family environment where members can develop individual skills, promote teamwork and create lasting friendships.  If you are interested in joining or have questions please send us a message.

If you are an exisitng member looking to renew your membership please click here

The membership dues are as follows:

Membership Type Club Dues USA Waterski Dues*
Individual $185 Under 25 $60 or 25 and Up $90
2 Family Members $260 Both U25 $120, Both 25 and Up $190, or One each $150
Family (Children 24 years and under) $315 $190.00 (Children 17 and under)
Supporting (non-skier) FREE
Alumni See below

*Anyone who participates on the water (skiers, boat drivers, spotters, riders, etc.), on the dock, or in the acts of the show even as a non-skiing member must be an active member of USA Water Ski. We encourage all family members to become USA Water Ski members.  USA Waterski membership provides liability and participant accident insurance coverage.  JOIN USA WATERSKI ONLINE AT:  www.usawaterski.org

Trial Period:
The Aberdeen Aqua Addicts offer a trial period for potential new members. Each potential member will be allowed to ski for 3 days within a two week time frame at no cost.

Previous members who are visiting from out-of-town, at the discretion of the board, can ski without paying membership fees under the following circumstances:
*Skiing in shows – at the Show Director’s discretion and without taking the spot of a current team member who has been practicing with the team.
*Three open days of skiing with no fees; additional time at the discretion of the Show Director if the skier is helping with lessons.

If the membership fee creates a hardship, potential team members may submit a written request to the Board of Directors for a reduced membership fee.  A hardship reduction comes with the expectation that the requesting member volunteer whenever possible for some type of work with the ski team (e.g. cleaning boats, setting up for shows, fundraising, etc.).  The requesting member should include what they are proposing for volunteer time.  The reduction must be approved by the board prior to skiing. The skier would still be responsible for USA Waterski dues.

Non-skiers may become members of the Aberdeen Aqua Addicts at no charge.